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The hammocks call girls chat

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Hi guys. Taylor and I are here with you right now. We hope you're doing well. So anyways, everybody vall hi to Taylor. I'm just kidding. She's actually well.

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This is gonna go viral. I think we've been on for 45 minutes.

Im young and fun. I can't ask if she tried like that's that's that's the wrong thing to ask is that the wrong thing to ask.

Hammocks increasingly popular among students - The Crimson White

Goofy you that's Norman Neck hammock How many of you are going cha go get one of those neck hammock now that I totally sell it to you because I would love I could go on QVC. So we're watching this movie. Don't see God Yup. I will do it because I know you don't want to.

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I do pray for our conversation tonight because I know Lord there's people watching that they no doubt struggle with the same thing we struggle with people pleasing. Well, I borrowed it from somebody and it came with directions.

Okay, you stay there. Stephanie Baker Yup.

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I got help me out. We're gonna show you this thing. I have to beat the Assembly God Church and hopefully they're and I believe they are.

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I don't talk this long on my phone. That's true.

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Lol why are Meaning of flirt in San Francisco who This can save you huge. I-I'll move towards sorry. It's like they're gonna be mad at you for this or that or whatever well that Steve that Steves says. Get your hands out of my face.

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I'm not sensitive. She's still not she's coffee. We love you. What's your thing?

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I hate you. I said. Hey look. I guess.

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I'm watching this right now. Now, they hit a Wall in Ministry what I was in Wisconsin and it wasn't really with the people or anything like that. It's not I have to beat the Christian Church. She's just there to watch, but he asked her a couple of questions and then he makes his comment to her.

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