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Le mans chat rooms

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The synopsis below may give away important plot points.

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Mike sips his tea. He gets his blue helmet.

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At 25 comes in for fuel followed by all the other frontrunners. Police in force and a train arrives with many people. A yellow Lola 11 spins out and causes 47 following to also spin and stall in the middle of the track. She politely begs off and leaves, walking sadly through the amusement park area.

He almost rams a backmarker but has a massive shunt bouncing off the aarmcos. Piero Belghetti in the 18 Ferrari is dead, Mike Delaney is hurt and taken away by stretcher.

In the pits Claude Aurac chats to Lisa and offers her coffee. Mike goes to a nice cafe for a buffet dinner.

Le Mans Increased The Cool Factor Of Hybrid Tech

After a tense final two minutes at exactly pm the race starts! The German driver Erich Stahler checks out his Ferrari. At 5 am 20 le 8 by 12 seconds. The Porsches and Ferraris come in for rain tires.

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Wilson speeds past now in the lead with two minutes left. The 5 Ferrari is offloaded as is the 22 Gulf Porsche They continue to chat in the quiet restaurant. A crewman tells him Claude is bad but will pull thru, Delaney is OK but out of the race. Ritter then goes to Anna and tells her he roons want it to end like this. A crewman tells him Claude is bad but will pull thru, Delaney is OK but out of the race.

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See also. Past the grandstand 8 and 21 are 9 seconds behind the leader.

Townsend stares down his Ferrari ls. He takes his helmet bag and returns to his trailer. He gets his blue helmet. Mike and Erich acknowledge each other with smiles. The Gulf team is ecstatic and spray champagne. It is jacked up and the crew begins to work on the rear suspension.

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The press grills Delaney and Stahler as they walk back to the pits. The Ferrari mechanics jump to work on the electrical problem. David sips his champagne and thanks Mike. Stahler pits for a new nose.

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He almost rams a backmarker but has a massive shunt bouncing off the aarmcos. Stahler pits for a new nose. Claude Aurac in 7 comes around a corner and spins as he tries to avoid hitting the 8 car. The 20, 25 and 21 Porsches take off followed by four Ferraris.

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Farther ahead, Delaney notices the explosion over to his right side and is distracted. At am spectators wander about as the cars continue to race around. They make small talk.

Delaney enters the car 20 pit looking at the expectant crowd. A medevac helo comes and picks up Claude.

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Down the Mulsanne Stahler le mans chat rooms the Man catching him up in the rearview periscope. Flashback to chxt night race at Le Mans, a crash and explosion. All three leaders are in close. Dawn breaks still light rain. Townsend sizes up the situation and goes to Delaney's trailer, he asks Mike if he is fit and wants him to take Powderly KY housewives personals for Ritter.

Scenes of Le Mans pre-race, campers, repairmen, sweepers. Delaney a few seconds later. The drizzle continues. Larry Wilson in the 22 Porsche wins!

A yellow tag in the windshield states "24 Heures 70" and the car enters a racetrack. Mike gets out as does Erich, they each give their crews and teams feedback.

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David asks Mike what happened, Mike admits he made a mistake. Stahler leaves the pits. The press questions Lisa outside until Mike comes out and helps her get away. Anna makes her husband some tea, Johann hints he will be retiring.