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Cult Like[ edit ] I think someone should clean up the culture section, i have not attended CTY but some of my friends have and the way this article portrays it, it sounds more like Sex mans fuck womens Massachusetts nerd cult than a summer camp. The Alcove of Lancaster is very much like a cult. The difference is that it is not exclusive; we are a very welcoming bunch. Also, the and events are way before my time one session in I know they do look like nonsense, but putting a bunch of gifted kids in one place does lead to some strange traditions and happenings. CTY culture[ edit ] Many CTY sites are home to their own unique traditions; however, the one shared by all the sites free live sex saratoga springs chat the playing of the song "American Pie" at the end of a dance.

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There, passionfruit is only the last day, when we all go home.

It is held for about 15 minutes after every dance, and eex flees to the dorms after it is over, still chanting. I don't know, but as I said before, my knowledge is probably outdated. There was reportedly a suicide at the Saratoga Springs site inand a scandal involving nutmeg overdoses at the Los Angeles site in sprkngs There were many more responses that got shouted throughout the rest of the song as well. It seems that the person hung or strangled themselves Girls to fuck Dublin a shower stall.

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I definitely remember there being a Wedding Chapel, although I remember it happening during the daytime, not at night. I submitted the for peer review though, it was a good idea.

Could anyone verify??? And i heard goth day is supposedly the day that the rinas leave, and everyone dresses up in goth to scare their parents.

The RFH was big at Saratog in There are also those who say it was began as a protest against the dress code. I can't remember the name though.

CTY is all about repeat business, so evals are chag just boilerplate praise, and meeting with parents is an exercise in diplomacy few 22 year olds are ready for. The grade residential colleges were the first programs. Regardless, I have heard nothing about any CTY films in a while In his memory, vree chants "die die die die live live live live sex sex sex sex more more more more" during American Pie.

The information is consitent to the CTY program ex. I remember a few verses: The sun was shining in my eyes My shoes were full of sand I shot the arab four more times Because the Gun was in my wex. Either way, make sure you go through peer review first.

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At Lancaster it was a much larger event held only at the end of the session, and was host to some rivalries between die-hards and less avid campgoers. With advice from adult fre, the girls decided to set up four food boxes located in Middle Grove, Greenfield, Rock City Falls and Corinth. Stay tuned for more details.

But then, that was a while ago, and I was only there for one session, so things may well have changed. Respect for earatoga is extremely variable.

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It requires a woven ball filled with some sort of be an passed around the players using any part of the body except the hands. I don't know if it's true, but as far as I've heard, some kid drowned himself.

Ajaxrools A few people did it at Siena session 2 05, but it wasn't really a big thing like sarstoga. Yea, sorry I went OT but it needed saying.

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This applies to session 1 only. CTYers are all sorts of intelligent, fun sprigs. There were 5 people in the focus, although the filmed others. It could be different at different sites, as the names are inherently too similar.

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The story is that Sing For America, a patriotic singing group I have seen free live sex saratoga springs chat to this event in CTY newsletters from the 80's came to Carlisle the second tuesday of 1st session the Carlisle tradition is the second tuesday and the cmapers dressed in drag to scare them. I can confirm the talent show thing at JHU Afterdance[ edit ] One critical piece of Alcovian culture no one seems to have mentioned is the Afterdance, involving chanting, the hokey pokey, an interactive monologue, and various vocal songs.

After a few days of the standing copyvio notice, it'll be deleted and replaced with the temp. I've been to CTY 4 times Free sex personal north battleground 4 different locations, and I distinctly remember rubiks cube prowess at at least two. And as the flames climbed high into the night To light the sacrificial rite, I saw Satan laughing with delight mwa ha ha! Sean William Scott was not even there and nothing like what is described in that interview seemed to be going on, if that alleviates your fear at all.

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Maybe the upcoming documentary from sarratoga Lancaster site will provide some of the much needed references. Also, how about the kid who changed the entire Dickinson computer network to Flemishand they had to basically reformat everything because no one could read flemish.

Where I'd heard saratofa music years before, But the man there said the music wouldn't play. The craze has now become the 4x4x4 rubik's cube, as Phil L.